The ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge” champion, Leonardo DiCaprio.

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the impossible meme || 7 scenes [5/7]

"Did we just watch the entire life cycle of the Earth, birth to death?" "Yes." “And you’re okay with that?” "…Yes."

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current status: not being kissed or riding a dragon this is unacceptable

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the facts were these

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*seduces you with mediocre blogging abilities*

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gif meme → colors abound

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Hey guys! As promised, here is my vlog from summer in the city. I had so much fun and got to meet some amazing people! It was so interesting to see the youtube community come together. It was a loss less crazy that I had imagined and pretty calm actually! I skipped the meet & greets simply because I felt like waiting for two hours when you could walk around the convention hall seemed like a waste. Most people walked around the hall as well, so it was nice to get to chat to people instead of just doing an awkward selfie before getting rushed off! I felt like the convention was well organized and really cool! Hope to go again next year! 

Thanks to the awesome youtubers that made my outro! Squee!

If you want to see some more pictures you can always head on over to my instagram. If you want to see more videos head on over to my youtube channel.

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a study in clara caps [19/?]

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